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Our Services

Our work falls into six Areas of Focus.

  • Blight Elimination

  • Community Economic Development

  • Placemaking

  • Public Policy

  • Public Safety

  • Training & Technical Assistance


Within those areas, our services to neighborhoods and groups can look very different depending on the need. The list (on the right) provides some examples and clarity on our services and roles to neighborhoods, community groups, and projects. The list is not exhaustive. We are always open to new ideas and inquiries. 


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Neighborhood Planning & Strategies

  • Neighborhood S.W.O.T. analysis

  • Neighborhood Mapping (Spatial Analysis)

  • Neighborhood Plan Creation

  • Neighborhood Plan Implementation

  • Placemaking Assessments

  • CPTED Assessments

  • Project Design (visual rendering)

  • Project Sequencing

  • Strategic Planning


Community Resources

  • Community Tool Shed

  • Mobile Event Tool Shed

  • Training, Classes, Workshops, & Meetups

  • Meeting & Community Event Space

  • Public Policy Research

  • Resource Library (coming soon)


Community Engagement

  • Assistance with Resource Connections

  • Board, Coalition, Committee, & Advisory Group Membership

  • Event Promotion Support

  • Grant Writing Support (Advisory)

  • Meeting Facilitation (Special Projects)

  • Meeting Presentations (Topical)

  • Misc. Questions & Answers

  • Letters of Support

  • Neighborhood & Coalition Support (Technical Assistance)

  • Project Ideation and Design

  • Research (Best Practices, Examples, etc.)


Project Implementation

  • Fiduciary Grant Management

  • Project Partnership (Implementation Partner)

  • Research Grant Partnership

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